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Why us?

Filling a gap in the market

We are a team of passionate professionals dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with ASD. Over the years, our clinical director worked closely with her clients, developing a nuanced approach in ABA. Driven by the tremendous success she saw with her clients, Raizy Schwartz developed and founded the “HAMOC: Holistic ABA Model Of Care”. Although we are based in Georgia, our services are expanding to other states as we continue to grow. Our goal is to provide a child-focused approach to therapy where children feel empowered to make choices that challenge themselves and boost their individual path to accomplishment.
Advancing Treatment Goals

The Seven
Dimensions of ABA



We individually tailor goals and interventions that are important to the child and their family.


Our team describes the target behavior in observable and measurable terms, thereby ensuring accurate data collection and accurate evaluation of progress.


We ensure that interventions selected are scientifically proven to have an effect on the target behavior.


We draft detailed procedures and strategies that are easily understandable, and we then implement them with accuracy.

Conceptually Systematic

Our procedures adhere to ABA principles, such as positive reinforcement and prompting, that relate to research-supported behavior analytic concepts.


The therapist ensures positive behavior change learned skills are maintained over time and manifested in varying settings with different individuals under various circumstances.


The team monitors progress to ascertain significant, positive changes in behavior.
Comprehensive Services

Empowering Goals, Driving Success

Home-Based ABA Services

The comfort of your own home allows us to work with your child in a familiar and secure environment. The home environment is where your child is more likely to be relaxed and engaged. This can lead to better outcomes and faster progress.

Telehealth Therapy

Telehealth Therapy is great for those who have difficulty traveling. It is also a preferred option for children who are shy or anxious around new people, allowing them to build relationships with their therapists in a familiar environment.

Parent Coaching

We provide parents with the skills and knowledge they need to implement our ABA protocols at home. This ensures your child continues to make progress even when he or she is not in therapy.
Care You Crave

The Team


Isaac Schwartz

CEO Isaac Schwartz is a talented and innovative leader that brings years of management experience to Regency ABA. Driven to success, he plays a pivotal role in accelerating growth and achieving measurable results.

Issac works closely with the team, leading and motivating them them to accomplish their goals. Bringing out the best in his staff, Isaac spearheads Regency’s underscored reputation of excellence in the ABA field.
Clinical Director

Raizy Schwartz MS, BCBA, LBA

Clinical Director Raizy Schwartz is an accomplished BCBA and LBA with skills that have been honed by 6+ years of working one on one with children with autism. Raizy continuously invests in staying on top of the latest research, and prioritizes working alongside mentors with decades of experience in the field. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise in supervising and implementing evidence-based interventions and creating individualized treatment plans help clients achieve their goals and benefit from a better quality of life.

One of Raizy's greatest strengths is her ability to connect with her supervisees, clients, and their families. Completely invested in her clients' success, Raizy goes the extra mile to ensure that they receive the best possible care. Her caring and nurturing personality, combined with her creativity and relatability, make her a valuable asset to our team.
Director of finance

Yossi Gleiberman

Yossi has decades of experience in business development and management, specifically in the healthcare industry. They work tirelessly to propel Regency ABA forward in every aspect of business development.
Director of business development

Ethan Moskowitz

Ethan has decades of experience in business development and management, specifically in the healthcare industry. He works tirelessly to propel Regency ABA forward in every aspect of business development.
Director of Marketing

Mandalyn Flowers

Office Manager

Brittany Heroux

Director Of Marketing

Mandalyn Flowers

Office Manager

Brittany Heroux

We Do It Different.

We do it different. If you’re looking
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